The "Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation" is a nonprofit Institution based in Nafplion. Founded in 1974, it is run by a governing body of five and aims at the research, preservation, study and presentation of the material culture of the Peloponnese, as well as of the whole of Greece.
The PFF is privately housed in three "neoclassical" style buildings in Nafplion, and two office appartments in Athens.
The Folk Art Museum occupies the Vas. Alexandrou 1 building in Nafplion. The Museum is the 1981 winner of the European Museum of the Year Award. In the exhibition rooms the production, elaboration and use of natural fibres in Greece (mid l9th to mid 20th century) are presented. In the Museum Shop one can buy the PFF publications, records, cards, posters etc., as well as a broad selection of objects and clothing items, specially designed and produced for the PFF Museum Shop.
The Library Administration offices occupy the 13 Sofroni Str. building in Nafplion.
In the field of research, study and preservation the PFF museum collections, which are continuously enriched with new acquisitions; comprise today more than 16.000 objects: costumes, textiles, embroideries, utensils, tools, furniture etc.
Its collections also comprise a large number of audio-visual documents (photographs, diapositives, tapes, cassettes, 8 mm sound films, video tapes) and reference material (studies, plans) from almost every region of Greece.
In the field of presentation, the PFF publishes books, cards, posters, calenders and produces records as well as "Ethnografika", a scientific review presenting the work fulfilled in the PFF research center, as well as articles written by specialists which have immediate bearing on subjects that concern the PFF interests in research and study.
The PFF also aims at:
a) the collaboration with other ethnographic centers of Greece and of abroad.
b) the contribution towards a scientific structure of the modern handicraft production by making available all reference material and advice (cultural, aesthetic or other).
c) the promotion and support of traditional cultural events and the promotion of ethnographic interests by the revival of folk rituals and customs and the organizing of contests in the collecting of local material.
d) the financing of external research, fieldwork, collaboration, and scholarships.
e) the organization of meetings between museums, on the subject of museum policy problems. The first cycle of meetings was devoted on relations between schools and museums.
f) the creation of travelling and other exhibitions in the Argolid, Greece and abroad ("The Cycles of Life", Belgium, "The Peloponnesian Costume", Salonica, "Greek Women's Costume and Jewelry, Past and Present", Athens, Cultural Capital of Europe, "Salute to Greece" Dallas, Texas).

Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation
Folk Art Museum Nafplion
Vas. Alexandrou 1
211 00 Nafplion
Tel.: (0752) 28.379, 28.947 (administration office), Fax: 27.960
Open daily 9.00 am - 2.30 pm
Closed on Tuesdays and the whole of February
Athens Otfice
Platia Victorias 3
104 34 Athens
Tel.: (O1) 8834.020, 8830.762
Fax: (O1 ) 8834.020
Guided tours by appointment with the Athens Office: (O1 ) 8834.020

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