Electric Circuits Analysis Laboratory

Director: Christodoulos Chamzas, Professor
Faculty: Nikolaos Papamarkos, Professor
Technical Personnel:A. Marantas, A. Karatzinis, S. Mbaziou

The educational and research team of the laboratory of Electric Circuits Analysis consists of teaching and research members, post graduate students and technical support personnel. Its members teach lessons of the areas of Electric Measurements, Electric Circuits, Network Analysis, Computer Networks, Data Compression, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing and Image Coding. The research interests of the team are data compression, digital signal and image processing, pattern recognition, multimedia, data bases for multimedia, and computer networks.
The laboratory equipment includes:
a) An organized, educational laboratory, with 50 work seats, for the exercises of Electric Measurements and Electric (both Analog and Digital) Circuits.
b) A complete educational and research laboratory of "Images and Multimedia", with over 70 millions drachmas investments on substructure.
c) A laboratory unit of Rendering of Services of Digital Image Processing and Multimedia.

Members of the laboratory have taken part on the definition, planning, and realization of the international patterns of CCITT/ISO (JBIG, JPEG, MPEG, etc.) of coding, storing and recovery of images (colored or black and white), owing 6 international patents. The activities of today include the realization of financed research programs at the areas of multimedia, computer network, data bases, and digital character recognition. Some of the latter samples of the work of the research team is:

JBIGW:An avant-garde data base for storing of black and white images and documents.
ARTBASE:Image base on Paradox, for the storing and presentation of paintings with document and sound.
GOCR:An experimental system of character recognition in mixed documents.

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